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How to Setup and Use a Balance

How to Setup and Use a Balance

In this video we are going to learn how to properly set up and use a balance when you’re in the lab.


Before you start using the balance, you want to make sure that it’s properly calibrated to ensure the accuracy of your samples is correct.

Before using a balance you want to make sure it’s properly calibrated.  The way you calibrate a balance is with pre-calibrated weight standards.  They look like this:  

  • Make sure the balance has been plugged in for an hour or two.  
  • Make sure to level the balance.  
  • Now turn the dials on the side of the balance to make sure the bubble is in the center.  


Now it’s time to calibrate.  Normally there is a “CAL” button on the balance.   Some balances have internal cal and that’s fine for daily calibration.  For a more thorough validation you want to do a span cal.  From here the balance will prompt you to place pre-calibrated weights.  Place the weights when prompted and store the values.


From here you can use the balance.  When there is nothing on the balance, you can use zero to zero everything out.  

However, tare is not zero. Tare is only used when something is on the balance and you want to remove the weight of the item on the balance and you use it when you want to weigh something in something.  


There you have it.  That’s how you set up and properly use a balance.

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