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Ultrapure Water, 6 x 500mL

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Specification Value
Product Name Ultrapure Water
Package Size 6 x 500mL
Purity Ultrapure
Container Type Bottle
Safety Not applicable
Storage Store in a cool, dry place

Nuclease Free

Ultrapure grade water, often denoted as UPW, is water that has undergone extensive purification processes to eliminate impurities to extremely low levels, making it nuclease free.It typically involves multiple stages of filtration, deionization, and distillation to remove contaminants such as ions, particles, organic compounds, and bacteria.

Suitable for Sensitive Applications

This high level of purification makes ultrapure water suitable for sensitive applications in industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, and laboratory research where even trace impurities can interfere with processes or experiments. Can be used where molecular, HPLC, or deionized water grade is required.

High-level Purity

UPW has a very high level of chemical purity, with resistivity typically exceeding 18 megaohms per centimeter (MΩ/cm) and low levels of total organic carbon (TOC) and particles. Its stringent quality standards ensure consistent and reliable performance in critical processes requiring ultra-clean water.