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Safety Blood Collection Set Green, 21G x 3/4 x 12", 200/unit

SKU BCN-21-3412
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Simple safety design that should be activated immediately after blood withdrawal is finish.
Color-coded wings for improved tactile feel and secure to patient’s skin
Reduces the risk of needlestick injury
Thin-walled needle is to minimize patient discomfort
Available in 21 or 23 gauge
Sterile, Latex-free, and DEHP-free


Butterfly needles with collection tubes, also known as winged infusion sets, are medical devices used for venipuncture (blood collection) procedures. They consist of a small, winged needle attached to flexible tubing and a collection tube holder. The needle's wings provide stability during insertion and are easily held by the healthcare provider. These devices are particularly useful for venipuncture procedures in patients with small or fragile veins, as the butterfly needle's design allows for greater control and precision during insertion. Additionally, the flexible tubing offers flexibility and ease of movement during blood collection, reducing the risk of vein damage. Butterfly needles with collection tubes are commonly employed for various purposes, including blood tests, intravenous (IV) catheterization, and blood donation. They facilitate efficient and comfortable blood collection while minimizing patient discomfort and the risk of complications. These devices are essential tools in clinical settings, enabling healthcare providers to safely and effectively obtain blood samples for diagnostic purposes.