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QuEChERS AOAC 15mL Extraction Pouch, 100/unit

SKU QQX-15-0031-P
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Packaging Pre-mixed and pre-weighed
Extraction Method Dispersive solid phase extraction
Method Compliance AOAC 2007.01 Method
Sorbent Composition
  • 1200mg Magnesium Sulfate
  • 400mg PSA
Quantity 100 pouches per unit

Convenient Packaging

Each pouch features easy-tear packaging, allowing for quick and hassle-free access to the contents.

Pre-Mixed and Pre-Weighed Sorbents

The sorbents come pre-mixed and pre-weighed, simplifying the sample preparation process and reducing potential errors in measurement.

Efficient Extraction Method

This method utilizes dispersive solid phase extraction, which is known for its efficiency and reliability in sample preparation.

Method Compliance

Compliant with the AOAC 2007.01 Method, ensuring adherence to established standards for QuEChERS extraction procedures.

High-Quality Sorbents

Each pouch contains 1200mg of Magnesium Sulfate and 400mg of PSA, providing effective extraction and cleanup of samples.