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Plasmid Midiprep II Kit, 25 preps/unit

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Capacity 500µg of plasmid DNA
Volume Purify from 50 to 100mL of E. coli culture, yielding 150-250µg from 50mL culture
  • Buffer AA
  • Buffer BA
  • Buffer CA
  • Buffer KB
  • Elution Buffer
  • RNase A
  • Spin Column II (25)

High Capacity

Capable of purifying up to 500 µg of plasmid DNA, making it suitable for high-yield applications.

Efficient Purification

Designed to purify plasmid DNA from 50 to 100mL of E. coli culture, ensuring high-quality DNA with minimal contamination.

Comprehensive Kit

Includes all necessary buffers and reagents, such as RNase A and multiple buffer solutions, to ensure complete and efficient plasmid purification.

Reliable DNA Extraction

Utilizes spin column-based methods for efficient separation of plasmid DNA from genomic DNA, RNA, and other cellular components.

Versatile Application

Purified plasmid DNA is suitable for cloning, PCR amplification, sequencing, and transfection into other cells, making it ideal for a wide range of molecular biology applications.

Consistent Results

Ensures high-quality DNA extraction, enabling reliable study of gene expression, protein production, and genetic engineering experiments.