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Plasmid Maxiprep Kit, 25 preps/unit

Original price $250 - Original price $250
Original price
$250 - $250
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  • Capacity: 400-500 ug of plasmid DNA
  • Volume: Purify from 150 to 200mL of E. coli culture, yielding 800-1000ug
  • Components: Buffer AA, BA, DA, NA, EA, FET, Elution Buffer, RNase A, and spin columns III (25)


Plasmid extraction kits are essential tools in molecular biology laboratories, facilitating the isolation and purification of plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures. These kits typically employ spin column-based or silica membrane-based methods to efficiently separate plasmid DNA from genomic DNA, RNA, and other cellular components. The purified plasmid DNA can then be used for a variety of downstream applications, including cloning, PCR amplification, sequencing, and transfection into other cells. Plasmid extraction kits streamline the process, yielding high-quality DNA with minimal contamination, enabling researchers to reliably study gene expression, protein production, and genetic engineering experiments. They are indispensable in both academic research and industrial biotechnology settings.