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One Step Combo (FluA, FluB, N1 and RnaseP) qPCR Detection Panel

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Specification Value
Sensitivity 1 copy/µL
Time to Results 45-55 minutes
Compatibility Including but not limited to 96 and 384 versions of:
QuantStudio 5, 7, and 12
Roche LightCycler II
BioRad CFX and Opus


Features and Benefits

  • High Sensitivity: Detects as low as 1 copy/µL, ensuring reliable detection of low-abundance targets.

  • Fast Results: Provides quick results within 45-55 minutes, allowing for rapid decision-making and efficient workflow.

  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with multiple qPCR instruments, including popular models like QuantStudio, Roche LightCycler II, and BioRad CFX and Opus, ensuring seamless integration into existing laboratory setups.

  • Comprehensive Detection: Simultaneously detects FluA, FluB, N1, and RnaseP, providing a complete solution for respiratory pathogen detection.

  • Streamlined Workflow: One-step process simplifies the workflow, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring consistent results.

  • Reliable Performance: Ensures high specificity and sensitivity, making it suitable for various diagnostic and research applications.

Get your results fast

Multiplexed Targets

Multiplexing enables the ability to analyze multiple targets in one reaction, saving time, reagents, and costs.

High Compatibility

Ready to use with QuantStudio 5, 7, 12, Roche LightCycler II, and BioRad CFX and Opus.

High Sensitivity

Achieve sensitivities as low as 1cps/ul. Give your lab the highest chance to catch every possible positive.

Get your results FAST

Get your results FAST

Optimize Operations with PCR-Driven Turnaround Time Reduction

Turnkey Validation

Our experienced validation engineer will be there with you to get your assay ready for market.

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