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Hamilton 1000uL Conductive Filter Tips, Hanging, Sterile, 1536/unit

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Volume 1000uL
Type Filtered Tips
Format Hanging
Liquid Sensing Capacitive liquid level detection
Packaging 96 tips/rack, 16 racks/unit
Material Polypropylene
Sterility Sterile, RNase-, DNase-, RNA/DNA- and pyrogen-free
Retention Extremely low-retention

High-Quality Material

Made from durable polypropylene, ensuring reliability and resistance to chemicals.

Sterile and Safe

Sterile and free from DNase, RNase, RNA/DNA, and pyrogens, providing contamination-free sample handling.

Precision Volume

1000uL volume for accurate pipetting in sensitive applications.

Filtered Tips

Filtered to prevent aerosol contamination, ensuring the integrity of samples.

Liquid Sensing Technology

Capacitive liquid level detection for precise liquid handling and minimal sample waste.

Low-Retention Tips

Extremely low-retention tips ensure maximum sample recovery and minimal loss.

Convenient Packaging

Packaged in 96 tips/rack, 16 racks/unit for easy access and organized storage.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with Microlab VANTAGE, Microlab STAR, Microlab NIMBUS, and Microlab Prep, offering flexibility in laboratory equipment.