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Gel & Clot Activator (SST) Tubes, 8.5mL, 16 x 100mm, 1000/unit

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1. Collection tube with spray-coated silica and polymer gel designed for effective serum separation.
2. Sterilization: Radiation, 10-6 SAL, ISO11137
3. Safety gold-color closure prevents contamination of serum from separated cellular components.
4. Blood clotting time: 30 minutes
5. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) tube construction for reducing the risk of tube breakage during the shipping, handling, centrifuging at the high speeds between 1800-2200g.
Application uses: Venous Blood Collection tube. 510(k) Number: 093910


Serum separator tubes, often referred to as SST tubes, are designed for blood collection and separation of serum from whole blood. These tubes contain a gel separator at the bottom, which upon centrifugation, forms a barrier between the serum and the cellular components of the blood, allowing for easy isolation of serum. Serum is the liquid portion of blood that remains after clotting and the removal of blood cells and clotting factors. SST tubes are commonly used in clinical laboratories for various diagnostic tests that require serum, such as biochemical assays, hormone assays, serology tests, and certain infectious disease testing. They are particularly useful for tests where clear, cell-free serum is needed for accurate analysis. SST tubes facilitate efficient and convenient processing of blood samples, providing reliable results for a wide range of medical investigations.