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DX Nylon Filter Vial, 0.45um, 100/unit

SKU FVS-A2-0045
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Vial Type Filter vial
Filter Pore Size 0.45 μm
Filter Material Nylon
Quantity 100 units

Filter Vial Design

The Filtrous Nylon Filter Vials are specifically designed for filtration applications in your laboratory. These vials incorporate a built-in filter, eliminating the need for additional filtration steps and simplifying your workflow.

Precise Filtration

With a filter pore size of 0.45 μm, these vials offer effective filtration, ensuring the removal of particulates and contaminants from your samples. The precise filtration capability enhances the reliability and accuracy of your analyses.

Nylon Filter Material

The vials feature a nylon filter material known for its excellent chemical compatibility, high flow rate, and durability. The nylon filter ensures efficient filtration while maintaining the integrity of your samples.

Quantity and Convenience

Each package contains 100 units of filter vials, providing an ample supply for your laboratory needs. The vials are conveniently packed, ensuring easy access and storage.