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96-Well Filtration Plates, 2.0mL, 20um Frit, 2/unit

SKU FPH-96-2020
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  • Format: 96-Well Filtration Plates
  • Well Capacity: 2mL per well
  • Frit Size: 20um per well
  • High-quality construction for efficient filtration
  • Compatible with standard 96-well plate systems
  • Suitable for a wide range of filtration applications
  • Designed for easy handling and compatibility with automated systems
  • Each unit provides filtration for multiple samples simultaneously
  • Quantity of 2 plates per unit


Filtration plates serve as indispensable tools in biology and chemical labs for separating particulate matter from liquids or gases. Composed of porous materials like ceramic or plastic, these plates enable the passage of fluids while capturing impurities or particles. They come in various configurations to meet specific lab needs, from micro-scale experiments to high-throughput screening. Widely employed for tasks like sample clarification, DNA extraction, or cell culture processing, filtration plates streamline workflows and ensure the purity and integrity of biological and chemical samples. Their versatility and efficiency make them essential components in modern laboratory settings, facilitating precise experimentation and analysis.