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Elixous Ultrapure Water, Trace Analysis Grade, 2.5L

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Specification Value
Product Name Elixous Ultrapure Water Trace Analysis Grade
Package Size 2.5 liters
Purity Trace analysis grade
Resistivity > 18.2 MΩ·cm at 25°C
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) < 5 ppb
Bacterial Count < 1 CFU/mL
Container Type HDPE bottle
Safety Not applicable
Storage Store in a cool, dry place

Trace Analysis Grade

The Elixous Ultrapure Water is specifically designed for trace analysis applications. It offers exceptional purity and low levels of impurities, making it ideal for sensitive analytical techniques that require high-purity water.

High Resistivity

With a resistivity greater than 18.2 MΩ·cm at 25°C, this ultrapure water ensures minimal ionic contaminants, providing a high-quality baseline for accurate and precise trace analysis.

Low Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

The Elixous Ultrapure Water has a total organic carbon content of less than 5 ppb, minimizing organic contaminants that can interfere with trace analysis results. It ensures reliable and reproducible analytical data.

Low Bacterial Count

With a bacterial count of less than 1 CFU/mL, this ultrapure water ensures minimal microbial contamination. It provides a clean and sterile water source for trace analysis applications.

Convenient Packaging

The product is supplied in a 2.5-liter HDPE bottle, which provides convenient and easy-to-use packaging. The bottle is designed to ensure safe storage and dispensing of the ultrapure water.