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BlokCell 100x15mm Petri Dish w/ Grip Ring, Sterile, 500/unit

SKU PDN-11-0100
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Dimensions 100mm (Diameter) x 15mm (Height)
Surface Area 55 cm²
Confluency 8.8 x 10⁶
Material Optically-clear polystyrene
Uniform Wall Thickness Yes
Surface Smooth dish surface to optimize growth area
Lid Included
Stackability Stackable for easy handling
Treatment Untreated surface ideal for growing cultures
Sterilization Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation and pyrogenic-free
Contaminant-Free Certified Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase free
Quantity 500 dishes per unit

High Clarity and Durability

Made from optically-clear polystyrene, these dishes offer excellent visibility and are more durable than standard dishes.

Optimized Growth Area

The smooth and uniform dish surface ensures optimal growth conditions for various cell types, enhancing experimental consistency.

Efficient Gas Exchange

The dish comes with a lid designed for efficient gas exchange, crucial for maintaining the right environment for cell cultures.

Easy Handling and Storage

Stackable design allows for convenient handling and efficient use of storage space in the lab.

Sterile and Contaminant-Free

Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation and certified to be pyrogenic-free, ensuring a contamination-free environment for reliable and reproducible results in cell culture experiments.