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9-425 Pre-Slit Autosampler Caps w/ PTFE/Silicone, 100/unit

SKU ALS-09-1412
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Material Blue pre-slit screw top with PTFE/silicone
Quantity 100 units
Cap Size 9-425
Compatibility Autosampler vials

Convenient Pre-Slit Design

The 9-425 blue pre-slit screw top autosampler caps feature a pre-slit design that allows for easy access to your samples without the need for additional tools. The pre-slit allows for convenient and efficient needle penetration during sample retrieval.

Secure Seal

These caps are designed to provide a tight and secure seal for your samples. They ensure optimal sample integrity by preventing leakage or contamination during storage or analysis, giving you confidence in your results.

PTFE/Silicone Liner

Each cap is equipped with a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and silicone liner, offering excellent chemical resistance and enhancing the sealing properties. The PTFE liner provides an inert barrier, while the silicone layer ensures a secure fit and reliable sealing for autosampler applications.

Convenient Pack Size

This product comes in a pack of 100 units, providing an ample supply of caps for your laboratory needs. The larger quantity ensures that you always have an adequate stock of caps for multiple experiments or sample preparations.

Universal Compatibility

The 9-425 blue pre-slit screw top caps are designed to fit standard autosampler vials. They offer compatibility with various autosampler systems, allowing seamless integration into your existing laboratory workflow.

Easy Handling

The screw top design of these caps enables effortless opening and closing, facilitating convenient sample access and retrieval. The pre-slit design further enhances the ease of use, eliminating the need for additional tools or steps during the sampling process.

High-Quality Construction

Crafted from durable materials, these caps are designed to withstand demanding laboratory conditions. They are resistant to common chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.