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55oz (1065mL) Sample Bags, Sterile, 250/unit

SKU SBN-10-0055
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  • 1065mL capacity
  • 100um
  • 0.5mm wire
  • 12 x 7 in. (305 x 178mm)
  • High-quality polyethylene
  • Puncture proof tab provides leak-free closure
  • Easy to write on with a ballpoint pen or pencil
  • Wired band with loop tabs makes filling sample an ease
  • Perforated middle layer filters out solids when using a homogenizer blender
  • Filter layer is sealed into the perimeter of the bag on the bottom and the sides, allowing the sample to be placed on either side
  • Recommended temperature range: -346-180 °F (-210 to 82 °C). Careful handling required after freezing
  • Free of DNase, RNase and certified non-pyrogenic
  • Sterilized
  • Quantity of 250 bags per unit