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50x TAE Buffer

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1x: Tris 40mM, Acetate 40mM, EDTA 1 mM, pH 8.0

- Electrophoresis of nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
- Used both as a running buffer and as a gel preparation buffer.
- Filtered through a 0.22um membrane.
- Recommended for resolution of RNA and DNA fragments larger than 1500 bp, for genomic DNA and for large supercoiled DNA.


50x TAE Buffer is a concentrated solution used in molecular biology for electrophoresis of nucleic acids. It consists of Tris-acetate and EDTA, essential for DNA and RNA separation. This buffer maintains the pH of the electrophoresis system, ensuring accurate migration of nucleic acids. At a 50x concentration, it's typically diluted before use to a working concentration, usually 1x. TAE buffer is vital for resolving DNA fragments in agarose gel electrophoresis, a fundamental technique in molecular biology research.