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4oz (118mL) Sample Bags w/ Write-on Patch, Sterile, 500/unit

SKU SBN-1L-0004
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Capacity 118mL
Dimensions 7 x 3 in. (178 x 76 mm)
Material High-quality polyethylene
Closure Puncture proof tab for leak-free closure
Patch Yes
Band Wired band with loop tabs
Filter Layer Perforated middle layer, sealed into the perimeter
Temperature Range -346°F to 180°F (-210°C to 82°C)
Sterilization Sterilized
Quantity 500 bags per unit

High Capacity

Each sample bag offers a capacity of 118mL, suitable for various sample volumes.

Durable Material

Made from high-quality polyethylene, these bags are durable and reliable for various laboratory applications.

Leak-Free Closure

The puncture-proof tab provides a leak-free closure, ensuring sample integrity and preventing contamination.

Easy Labeling

The write-on patch allows for easy labeling with a ballpoint pen or pencil, aiding in sample identification and organization.

Wired Band with Loop Tabs

The wired band with loop tabs facilitates sample filling and streamlines the sample preparation process.

Integrated Filter Layer

The perforated middle layer filters out solids when using a homogenizer blender, and the filter layer is sealed into the perimeter of the bag on the bottom and the sides, allowing the sample to be placed on either side.

Wide Temperature Range

The bags are recommended for use within a temperature range of -346°F to 180°F (-210°C to 82°C). Careful handling is required after freezing to maintain sample integrity.

Certified Contaminant-Free

These sample bags are DNase-free, RNase-free, and certified non-pyrogenic, ensuring they are suitable for sensitive biological samples.

Sterilized for Safety

The bags are sterilized, providing a safe and clean option for sample collection and storage.