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310mm Large Smart Spatulas, Antistatic, Disposable, 150/unit

SKU LSL-09-0310
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Length 310mm
Width 14mm
Scoop Capacity Fits 0.2mL centrifuge tubes
Spoon Capacity Fits 15mL centrifuge tubes
Material High-quality polypropylene
Features Double-ended V-shaped tips, non-stick surface, hollow core
Chemical Resistance Resistant to diluted acids, alcohol, bases, and aqueous solutions
Temperature Resistance Withstands temperatures as low as liquid nitrogen
Compliance FDA standards for food & beverage applications
Patent US Patent 8709362
Sterilization Autoclavable
Usage Disposable
Quantity 150 spatulas per unit

High-Quality Polypropylene Material

The 310mm Large Smart Spatulas are crafted from high-quality polypropylene, ensuring durability and resistance to various chemicals, including diluted acids, alcohol, bases, and aqueous solutions.

Versatile Design

Featuring double-ended V-shaped tips, these spatulas are versatile tools that can be used as a spatula, spoon, scoop, scraper, stirrer, and even chopsticks.

Temperature Resistance

These spatulas are capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures, including those of liquid nitrogen, making them suitable for handling samples in cryogenic conditions.

Ideal for Sample Transfer

The design includes a scoop that fits 0.2mL centrifuge tubes and a spoon that fits 15mL centrifuge tubes, providing convenience for small volume sample transfer or mixing. The non-stick surface minimizes sample loss, ensuring accurate measurements and efficient use of materials.

Hollow Core Design

The hollow core of these spatulas minimizes heat transfer, protecting sensitive samples from temperature changes during handling.

FDA Compliant

The spatulas comply with FDA standards for food and beverage applications, ensuring they meet stringent safety and quality requirements.

Secure and Sterile

Each unit contains 150 spatulas, which are autoclavable for sterility and can be disposed of after use to prevent cross-contamination.