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2mL 11mm Amber Crimp Top Autosampler Vials w/ Patch, 100/unit

SKU VDV-11-1020
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$13.00 - $13.00
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Material Glass
Volume 2mL
Cap Size 11 mm
Color Amber
Patch Area Available
Quantity 100 vials per unit

Premium Quality

These 2mL amber crimp top autosampler vials are made from high-quality glass, ensuring excellent chemical resistance and integrity of your samples. They are designed to meet the demands of laboratory applications and provide reliable performance.

Patch Area for Identification

These autosampler vials feature a patch area on the side, providing a convenient space for labeling or marking the vials. You can easily identify and track your samples, ensuring accurate sample management and organization.

Maximum Recovery Design

The vials are designed for maximum sample recovery, minimizing sample waste. The precise design and quality materials ensure optimal performance, allowing you to obtain the maximum amount of sample during analysis.