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20x TE Buffer pH 7.4, 500mL

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The composition of 20x TE is:

  • 200 mM Tris
  • 20 mM EDTA
  • pH 7.4


    TE buffer, short for Tris-EDTA buffer, is a commonly used buffer solution in molecular biology and biochemistry. It consists of two components: Tris, a buffering agent, and EDTA, a chelating agent that sequesters divalent cations such as Mg²⁺. The buffer maintains a stable pH, making it suitable for many enzymatic reactions and nucleic acid manipulations. TE buffer is often employed in DNA and RNA extraction, storage, and purification procedures due to its ability to protect nucleic acids from degradation by nucleases. Its versatility and compatibility with various molecular biology techniques have made TE buffer an essential component in laboratories worldwide.