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15mL Centrifugal Filter, 10KD, 12/unit

SKU MCF-10-0015
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Material & Size:
Filter PC Material
Membrane PES membrane
Filtrate tube PP material
Filtrate cap and liner PP material
Filters in test tubes (capped) Overall length 117mm, Diameter 31mm
Filter Length: 75 mm, Diameter: 28 mm

Effective filter area 7.2 cm2
Maximum sample volume 15mL
Maximum filtrate volume 17mL
Retention volume 20μL
Locking volume 300μL
Operating temperature 0-40°C
pH range 1-14

Maximum centrifugal force:
Swing bucket rotor 4000x g
Fixed angle rotor 5000x g


Molecular cut-off centrifugal filters are specialized devices designed to separate molecules based on their size. They employ centrifugal force to drive solvent and small molecules through a semi-permeable membrane while retaining larger molecules above a certain molecular weight cutoff. This process allows for concentration and purification of samples by removing unwanted small molecules such as salts, solvents, or contaminants, while retaining larger molecules such as proteins or nucleic acids. Molecular cut-off filters find extensive use in various research and clinical applications, including protein purification, desalting, and sample preparation for analytical techniques like mass spectrometry or PCR. By selectively retaining or discarding molecules based on size, these filters enable efficient and precise molecular separation and concentration.