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1.25 x 0.5 inch Cryogenic Laser Labels for 1.5mL/2mL Tubes, 100 Sheets/unit

SKU CLL-15-1200
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-Able to withstand extreme cold temperatures
-Can be printed on with a laser printer
-Can be written on
-Avaialable on rolls or sheets
-Printing instructions and template included
-White color
-Label size: 1.25"x0.5"
-120 labels/sheet, 100 sheets


The 1.25 x 0.5 inch Cryogenic Laser Labels are specifically designed for labeling 1.5mL/2mL tubes in cryogenic environments. Each unit contains 100 sheets of labels, providing an extensive supply for labeling numerous tubes. The labels are compatible with laser printers, ensuring high-quality, durable printing that withstands freezing temperatures. With their precise size and shape, they adhere securely to tubes without interfering with storage or retrieval. These cryogenic labels are essential for accurate sample identification and organization in research and clinical laboratories.