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2mL 9-425 Clear Screw Top Autosampler Vials w/ Patch and Preassembled Caps, 100/unit

SKU VLV-09-1020-K2

Application : HPLC

Cap style : Screw Top

Color : Clear

Diameter : 9mm

Volume metric : 2mL

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  • Screw closure
  • Made from borosilicate type I glass
  • 12 x 32mm
  • 9mm neck width
  • 9-425 Vial
  • 9-425 Preassembled Cap w/ PTFE/Silicone
  • Kit comes in a paper box
  • Graduated patch
  • Quantity of 100 vials per unit

Introducing our premium 2mL 9-425 Clear Screw Top Autosampler Vials with Patch and Preassembled Caps, available in a convenient unit of 100 vials per package. Designed to meet the demanding needs of laboratory professionals, this product offers exceptional quality and performance for your analytical requirements.

Crafted with precision, these vials are made from high-quality borosilicate type I glass, ensuring excellent resistance to chemical interactions and thermal shock. With dimensions of 12 x 32mm, they provide a perfect balance between sample capacity and compatibility with various autosamplers, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Equipped with a screw closure mechanism, these vials guarantee a secure and leak-proof seal, protecting your samples during storage and analysis. The preassembled caps with PTFE/Silicone ensure a reliable sealing system and offer convenience by eliminating the need for manual assembly.

To enhance convenience and organization, the kit is packaged in a sturdy paper box, keeping the vials and preassembled caps well-protected and readily accessible. Each vial is equipped with a graduated patch, facilitating accurate sample volume measurement and identification for precise tracking and data interpretation.

With 100 vials per unit, this package provides a generous supply for your laboratory needs. Whether you are performing routine analyses or conducting extensive research, these vials and preassembled caps offer the reliability, precision, and convenience necessary for accurate and reproducible results.

Choose our 2mL 9-425 Clear Screw Top Autosampler Vials with Patch and Preassembled Caps to elevate your laboratory practices. Experience the confidence and efficiency that these products bring to your scientific endeavors. Order now and unlock the full potential of your analytical workflows with our exceptional vials and preassembled caps.

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