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Bacterial & Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit, 100 Preps/unit

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Specification Value
Product Type Viral RNA Extraction Kit
1 x 96
Application Viral RNA Extraction
Sample Type
Format Prefilled
Automation Compatibility

Including but not limited to 96 and 384 versions of
-QuantStudio 5, 7 and 12
-Roche LightCycler II
-BioRad CFX and Opus



  • Quick & Easy Protocol: Simplified workflow for fast processing. 25 minutes of processing time compared to the Thermo Fisher alternative.
  • Pre-filled Format: Provides an easy and reliable method for simultaneous extraction.
  • Automation Compatibility: ready to use on major automation platforms.


  • A viral RNA extraction kit that does not lock you down? Look no further! This Viral RNA Purification Kit busts the barrier for efficient viral RNA extraction from various types of viral samples.

  • With enough reagents for up to 384 reactions, it’s like having your own RNA extraction marathon. But don't worry about running out of breath, because the pre-filled format makes the process as easy as a leisurely jog in the park.

  • The extraction protocol itself is a breeze, as quick as making a cup of tea, and straightforward as following a map. In only 25 minutes, you can extract total viral RNA from 96 samples simultaneously. Sounds like a race worth winning!

  • Beyond its efficiency and speed, the kit plays well with others too. It's fully validated and automated on Allsheng auto pure 96 and Kingfisher plex, and can be adapted to major automation platforms such as Biomek FX, Biomek 3000, Hamilton Microlab STAR, Hamilton MagEx STARlet, and many more. It's like the universal remote of RNA extraction kits!

  • This Viral RNA Purification Kit isn't just a box of reagents; it's a key that opens the door to a wealth of knowledge about your viral samples. It's your VIP access to the world of viral RNA. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the potential of your viral samples today!

How to Use This Extraction Kit

Turnkey validation

Comprehensive solution for your lab's validation project. Reduce launch time by 80% or more.

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Automation Compatible

Ready to use with QuantStudio 5, 7, 12, Roche LightCycler II, and BioRad CFX and Opus

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