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T182 Treated Tissue Flasks w/ Vented, Sterile, 40/unit

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Growth Area 182cm²
Working Volume 600mL
Contaminant-Free Certified Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase free
Sterilization Sterilized by Gamma
Surface Treatment Treated
Cap Type Vented cap with breathable membrane
Stackability Easy to stack
Writing Area Frosted writing area for traceability
Material High clarity medical grade polystyrene material
Formerly TCFT-V600

Optimized Growth Area

The 182cm² growth area provides ample space for cell culture, supporting healthy and consistent cell growth.

Adequate Working Volume

With a working volume of 600mL, these flasks are suitable for large-scale cell culture applications.

Enhanced Ventilation

The vented cap with breathable membrane ensures proper gas exchange, maintaining optimal conditions for cell growth.

Sterile and Safe

Sterilized by Gamma irradiation, these flasks are certified non-pyrogenic and free from DNase, RNase, ensuring a contamination-free environment for cell culture.

Easy Handling and Storage

Designed for easy stacking, saving valuable lab space, and featuring engraved graduations on both sides for precise volume measurement.


A frosted writing area allows for easy labeling and traceability, ensuring accurate documentation of samples.

High-Quality Material

Made from high clarity medical grade polystyrene, these flasks offer excellent visibility and durability, suitable for rigorous laboratory use.