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Petrifilm Coliform and E.coli Count Plate, 24/unit

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Product Type Petrifilm Coliform and E. coli Count Plate
Package Quantity 24 units
Testing Method Plate Count Method
Incubation Temperature 35°C ± 1°C (95°F ± 2°F)
Time to Result Coliform: 24 hours, E. coli: 24-48 hours
Shelf Life 12 months from the date of manufacture
Target Organism Coliform bacteria and E. coli
Detection Range Coliform: 10 to 1500 CFU (colony-forming units), E. coli: 10 to 1500 CFU
Compatible Sample Types Various food and environmental samples
Certification ISO 16649-2:2001, ISO 4832:2006

Petrifilm Technology

The Petrifilm Coliform and E. coli Count Plate is a reliable and convenient testing method for coliform bacteria and E. coli detection. With its plate count method, it provides accurate results within a short incubation time, allowing for swift decision-making in food safety and environmental monitoring.

Reliable Detection

High sensitivity for accurate and dependable detection of coliform bacteria and E. coli.

Extended Incubation Time

48-hour incubation time allows sufficient time for aerobic bacteria to grow, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Differentiated Colonies

Color-coded colonies for easy identification and differentiation of coliform bacteria and E. coli.

Wide Application

Suitable for testing food, clinical samples, and environmental swabs in various industries and settings.