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Oak Ridge Ultracentrifuge Tubes, 100/unit

SKU CUF-00-0300T
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Volume: 30mL


  • 50,000g max force
  • Flat cap
  • Round bottom
  • Leak-proof 
  • Autoclavable
  • High-quality virgin polypropylene 
  • Transparent tube for easy identification 
  • Sterilied by Gamma Irradiation
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse free and non-pyrogenic
  • Excellent for high-speed centrifugation of hazardous materials
  • Able to withstand temperature from -148 to 302°F (-100 to 150°C )
  • Quantity of 100 tubes per unit (4 sterile bags of 25 tubes)1


The "Oak Ridge Ultracentrifuge Tubes" are like the MVPs of the lab.

These tubes are as strong and dependable as a basketball legend, designed to withstand the rigors of ultracentrifugation. Imagine them as the dependable center on your laboratory's team, ready to handle the most challenging samples with the steadiness of oatmeal at breakfast.

They're the perfect blend of performance and playful branding!