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Multichannel Arm Robotic Tecan Tips, 960/unit

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Volume: 500uL


  • Medical-grade polypropylene material
  • Filtered
  • Superhydrophobic surface 
  • Fully autoclavable to 121°C
  • ANSI format
  • Single stack, filtered
  • Stringently tested for consistency
  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation
  • Certified RNase-, DNase-, RNA/DNA- and pyrogen-free
  • Provides non-contaminated sample recovery
  • Eliminates sample carryover and delivers substantially higher reproducibility
  • Comes in racks for easy access and stackability; each rack individually wrapped
  • Quantity of 960 tips per unit (racks of 10)

Compatible with:

  • Freedom EVO
  • Freedom Fluent MultiChannel Arm (MCA) 


Step up your lab game with Multichannel Arm Robotic Tecan Tips - where precision meets a dash of charisma!

These tips don't just pipette; they perform with a flair reminiscent of a certain beloved comedic actor. Sterilized for utmost purity and compatible with Tecan Freedom EVO and Fluent platforms, they're the reliable sidekick in your scientific endeavors.

Think of them as the charming, multitasking maestros of the lab, ensuring your experiments are as smooth as a well-delivered punchline.