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DX PES Syringe Filter, 0.22um, 13mm, 100/unit


Diameter : 13mm

Membrane : Nylon

Pore size : 0.22um

Sterility : Non-Sterile

Original price $84.00 - Original price $84.00
Original price
$84.00 - $84.00
Current price $84.00
  • Polyether Sulfone membrane type
  • Available pore sizes are 0.22um and 0.45um
  • Available diameters are 4mm, 13mm, and 25mm
  • Compatible with alcohols, bases, most aqueous and organic mixtures
  • Not compatible with halogenated hydrocarbons, acids, esters, and ketones
  • Great for ion chromatography and protein analysis
  • Extremely low backpressure with aqueous solvents
  • Dual-layered membrane
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse free and non-pyrogenic
  • Quantity of 100 syringe filters per unit

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