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2000mL PETG Flasks, Vented, Baffled Bottom, Sterile, 6/unit

SKU TCN-11-2000
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Neck Design Narrow
Bottom Design Baffled bottom
Volume 2000mL
Material PETG
Cap Type Vent Cap
Sterilization Sterile
Quantity 6 units

High-Quality PETG Construction

Made from durable PETG material, ensuring reliability and longevity for laboratory use.

Baffled Bottom Design

Features baffles at the bottom for improved mixing and oxygenation of cultures, enhancing cell growth.

Narrow Neck Design

Facilitates easy swirling and mixing of contents without risk of spillage, ensuring safe handling.

Vent Cap

Equipped with a vented cap for efficient gas exchange, suitable for aerobic cultures.

Sterile and Ready for Use

Comes pre-sterilized for immediate use in laboratory environments, maintaining sterility until opened.

Optimal Size

With a large 2000mL capacity, ideal for large-scale cell culture, fermentation, and other biotechnological applications.