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1M Tris pH 7.2, 1L

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  • Concentration: 1 mole per liter (M)
  • pH: 7.2
  • Purity: High purity, typically suitable for molecular biology and biochemical applications.
  • Stability: Stable when stored at recommended temperatures and conditions, with a long shelf life.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of biological molecules and commonly used in nucleic acid isolation, protein purification, and other biochemical experiments.


    A 1M Tris buffer is a solution containing Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane, commonly known as Tris, at a concentration of 1 mole per liter. Tris is a zwitterionic organic compound with a pKa near physiological pH, making it an effective buffering agent in the range of pH 7-9. It is widely used in biochemical and molecular biology experiments to maintain a stable pH environment for enzymatic reactions and protein interactions. 1M Tris buffer is particularly useful in nucleic acid isolation, DNA sequencing, and electrophoresis applications due to its buffering capacity and compatibility with many biological molecules. Its precise pH control and stability make 1M Tris buffer an essential reagent in laboratory protocols requiring precise pH conditions.