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11mm Clear Snap Top Autosampler Caps w/ PTFE/Silicone

SKU ANK-11-1102
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Specification Value
Cap Material Clear Glass
Septa Material PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and Silicone
Cap Type Snap Top
Cap Size 11mm
Quantity Pack of 100



  • High-Quality Materials: These 11mm Clear Snap Top Autosampler Caps are made from clear glass, ensuring excellent chemical resistance and durability. The caps are designed to withstand the demands of laboratory environments.

  • Secure Snap Top Design: The snap top design provides a reliable and secure seal for your autosampler vials. Simply snap the cap into place to create an airtight seal, preventing any leakage or contamination.

  • PTFE and Silicone Septa: The caps are equipped with PTFE and silicone septa, which offer excellent chemical resistance and ensure reliable sample containment. The PTFE layer provides a barrier against air and moisture, while the silicone layer provides a secure seal.

  • Convenient Pack Size: Each pack includes 100 caps, providing an ample supply for your laboratory needs. Whether you are conducting routine analyses or large-scale experiments, these caps offer convenience and cost-effectiveness.

  • Compatible with 11mm Autosampler Vials: These caps are specifically designed to fit 11mm autosampler vials, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of laboratory instruments and applications. They are suitable for use with both manual and automated systems.

  • Easy Sample Handling: The snap top design allows for effortless sample handling. The caps can be easily opened and closed with one hand, providing convenience and efficiency during sample preparation and analysis.


barrier against air and moisture.

With a cap size of 11mm, these caps are compatible with a wide range of autosampler vials, making them suitable for various laboratory instruments and applications. Whether you are performing routine analyses or conducting large-scale experiments, these caps provide convenience and compatibility.

Each pack includes 100 caps, ensuring an ample supply for your laboratory needs. The convenient pack size offers cost-effectiveness and reduces the frequency of reordering.

Designed for easy sample handling, these caps can be effortlessly opened and closed with one hand, streamlining the sample preparation and analysis process.

Ensure sample integrity and reliability with the 11mm Clear Snap Top Autosampler Caps with PTFE and Silicone Septa. These high-quality caps are the perfect solution for secure and efficient sample containment in your laboratory environment.


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