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1-Well Cell Culture Chamber Slides, Sterile, 12/unit

SKU TCM-10-0001
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Slide Size Standard 25mm x 75mm
Chambers 1-well per slide
Sterility Sterile
Surface Treatment Uniform hydrophilic surface
Border Inert hydrophobic green border
Gasket Integrated gasket prevents cross-contamination
Assembly Chamber holder with easy flip locks for assembly/disassembly
Markings Slides are labeled with numeric markings
Adhesive Adhesive-free
Quantity 12 units per pack

Direct Cell Growth

Grow cells directly on the slide without the need for future transfer, making it ideal for growing and viewing cells under a microscope on a standard 25mm x 75mm slide.

Cross-Contamination Prevention

The integrated gasket design prevents cross-contamination between chambers, ensuring the integrity of your cell cultures.

Defined Culture Area

The inert hydrophobic green border printed on the slide clearly defines the cell culture area, enhancing consistency and accuracy in cell growth.

Easy Assembly

Chamber holder features easy flip locks for assembly and disassembly, eliminating the need for a separation tool and simplifying the process.

Versatile Packing Trays

Packing trays can be used as incubation racks in CO2 incubators, adding versatility to your lab setup.

Consistent Cell Attachment

The uniform hydrophilic surface ensures consistent cell attachment, promoting healthy and reproducible cell cultures.

Labeled Slides

Slides are labeled with numeric markings, making identification and organization of samples straightforward and efficient.

Adhesive-Free Design

The adhesive-free design prevents potential contamination or interference with cell growth, ensuring reliable results.