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1.5mL Screw Cap Standing Freezing Tubes, Sterile, 5000/unit

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Our microcentrifuge tubes offer exceptional sample integrity and ease of use in long-term, extreme-temperature storage as low as - 196°C. Screw closure seals without gasket or O-ring, eliminating the risk of contamination and improving your one-handed aseptic technique. Comes in resealable bags for storage. Tubes stand without rack or holder.

Note: Do not use these for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen unless they're correctly sealed. Such usage may cause liquefied nitrogen to be trapped inside the tube, resulting in pressure build-up and potential explosion.

  • Medical-grade polypropylene material
  • Graduation marks for easy visual assessment
  • Interlocking cap design ensures leak-proof seal and prevents contamination
  • Skirted bottom allows for one-handed operation
  • Ideal for long-term storage of cell cultures, biological samples, and aqueous solutions
  • Suitable for storage from general cold refrigeration (+4°C), down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen
  • Writing patch for easy identification
  • Dnase, RNase-free and certified non-pyrogenic
  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation
  • Available in 0.5mL, 1.5mL, and 2mL capacity
  • Certified Non-PyroDNase/RNase free
  • Quantity of 5000 per unit
  • This item comes with caps

Our cell culture products are designed to help produce consistent results in the lab whether they are bacteria or mammalian cells. They are designed to stop any contamination in cell culture experiments and are sterile so that they have reproducible results in the lab.