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CLIA Services

CLIA Consultation and Validation

Horiba Instrument

Our CLIA service encompasses seamless installation of Horiba instrumentation, comprehensive on-site training by experts, and cross-reference support. Benefit from precise setup, empowered lab technicians, and informed equipment decisions to optimize your lab's performance and productivity.

Instrument Installation

When you choose our Horiba instrumentation as part of your lab setup, we ensure a seamless experience by offering in-person installation services. Our dedicated installation specialists from Horiba will personally handle the installation process, ensuring proper setup and functionality. With their extensive knowledge and experience, you can have confidence in the precision and accuracy of your Horiba instruments.

Horiba Training

To ensure that you maximize the potential of your Horiba instrumentation, we provide comprehensive training directly from Horiba experts, right in the comfort of your own lab. Our skilled trainers will guide your team through hands-on sessions, covering all aspects of instrument operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This personalized training approach allows your lab technicians to gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency in utilizing the Horiba instruments, empowering them to achieve accurate and reliable results. With our on-site training, you can optimize the performance of your Horiba instrumentation and enhance the productivity of your lab operations.

Cross Reference

Our cross-reference service is designed to assist labs that are using or considering Horiba and Beckman AU reagents. We understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to equipment selection. Our expert team will conduct a comprehensive comparison of the pros and cons of both Horiba and Beckman AU instruments, taking into account factors such as performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with reagents. Based on this analysis, we provide you with a detailed evaluation and offer a tailored quote that ensures you receive the most suitable solution for your lab's specific needs. With our cross-reference service, you can make confident decisions and optimize your lab's efficiency and productivity.

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