Electronic Aspirator, 1/pk

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The ECOASPIR vacuum system is designed for the aspiration and disposal of biological fluids.

  • Non-contact sensor for monitoring the liquid level of the collection bottle
  • Built-in, oil-free vacuum pump
  • Chemically-resistant, high-performance pump
  • Adjustable vacuum pressure 
  • Fully autoclavable hand controller
  • Wide range of aspirating accessories
  • -30mbar to-750mbar vacuum range
  • 15x15x25cm dimension
  • 115V-60Hz or 230V-50Hz

  • Includes:
  • Internal vacuum pump
  • 2 Liter, polycarbonate collection bottle
  • Antibacterial/hydrophobic filter
  • Silicone tubing
  • Handheld vacuum controller
  • Adapter for 200ml pipette tips
  • 40mm adapter with stainless steel tip

  • Optional Accessories:
  • 8 channel pipette adapter
  • 80mm adapter with stainless steel tip
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